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This year Kurator Rex will delight us with “Psychic Response Strategy”, his most recent selection of video art which reunites fifty seven works of forty colombian visual artist and filmmakers from distinct generations and trajectories.

Psychic Response Strategy is a selection of video art that arises from the expectation raised by the probability of accessing a special category, a social welfare state called “Post-conflict”.

The VIDEOART PROGRAM will be screened continuously during the duration of the festival in a specially adapted exhibition space.

Faced with the sensitivity that is required to process a complex and massive event like the one announcing the post-conflict in Colombia, the proposed program of video art, which consists of a compilation of audiovisual projects of Colombian artists from different generations, not only presents a social memory or sequences of fiction, but also constitutes true psychic states that, through metaphors, become valuable documents of a social and human conflict.

In the first instance, video art is a residual material from psychic processes of the spectator, a spectator who we will later call artist. In the middle of the conflict, the artist is a spectator or an actor so fortunate, that he has had time on his hands, time to confront historical and social documents, to record, to appropriate them and set a personal document out of these, a direct and intimate response which emerges as an imperative need expressed by deliberate and experimental actions, as staging and video editing or montage.

In January this year the Government of Colombia announced the initial investment of 470 million dollars in the implementation of the first phase of the post-conflict. This phase has been called “Rapid Response Strategy” and would be implemented by the recently created “Ministry of Post-Conflict”.

We are used to hear statements from military and political language in the news, such as: “Governments should take charge of a -quick response- facing global threats of increasing terrorism and the spreading of the crisis” or “NATO will increase its -Rapid Response Force- up to 40,000 people”. Nevertheless, within the framework of this trascendent, collective event, the function of time expressions like: “Post”-conflict and “Rapid” Response cannot only be assumed as a part of a deep and urgent need to enter a new social state, but, above all in a new psychic state. Perhaps it could offers the possibility of a much less conventional peace than we usually see in the news.

Curated by Julian Santana

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